Customer Support in Philippines


The Customer Support team purely deals with supporting your products, services, or any related deals with regards to your business. They will make sure they will have in-depth knowledge of your product as they will also train for all FAQ of your product or services. That way, they can then provide answers to the customer may it be technical, inquiry or support. Tasks included here :


– Phone Support

– Email Support

– Chat Support

– Social Media Support

A customer support agent’s role is more about improving the customer experience than interacting transactionally with the customer.

Customer support also includes writing knowledge base documentation, providing product feedback, and conducting usability studies.

Customer support teams are often closely integrated with product teams. They have a seat at the table where decisions involving the product are made.

Compared to customer service teams, support teams are generally more involved with the end-to-end customer experience.

If you wish to hire a customer support team in Philippines, here are the details on how it works. 

How it Works: 

1. Our hourly rate starts at $3usd per hour and after 2 months will increase to $4usd per hour. 

2. Sign the Contract ( Agreement and Terms).

3. We will assign the best Customer Service professional for you and you will set the duty hours of that Support that will suit for you.

You can hire 1 or more CSR for your business.

4. We will manage that CSR for you to achieve your goals and expectations.

5. Pay us weekly / bi-weekly or monthly via Paypal or Bank to Bank.





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